Deadlocks Fitting Service

 How a deadlocks fitting service can help you keep your Melbourne home or business secure.

Express Locksmiths in Melbourne have a team of qualified locksmiths with over 15 years’ experience to provide a range of locksmith services to Melbourne businesses and homes. One of the services we provide is a deadlock fitting service which adds a high level of security to any door locking system.

A deadlock system, or deadbolt system as it’s sometimes called is a locking system that is based around the rotation of a single or double cylinder lock. This locking system is much more secure because the locking mechanism does not use a spring to hold the lock bolt in place. This makes it virtually impossible for the lock to be picked or breached by force.

Locksmith - Melbourne - Deadlocks Fitting Service lock
Locksmith - Melbourne - Deadlocks Fitting Service

While one of our single cylinder, double cylinder or vertical deadlock installations can offer a high level of security to your property it is important to consider other potentially vulnerable entry areas such as windows.

Need a Melbourne Locksmith to fit deadlocks for your home or business?

One call to us and we can send over a qualified locksmith to fit deadlocks to your home or business. We service all areas in and around Melbourne.



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