Fire Escape Locks

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Our locksmith service operates in and around Melbourne CDB. We are available every day of the year in the case of an emergency. If you need your fire escape locks checked or replaced give our locksmith a call.

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Fire escape locks

A functioning and unobstructed fire ‘exit door’ is critical in building safety. As you would expect, the rules around fire exit doors are strictly governed by the Building Codes of Australia (BCA). Fire escape locks come under the ordinance D2.21. We can send a locksmith to check the opening actions, locking mechanism, lock specs and heights to make sure they are all compliant with national laws.

Under Australian law, virtually all public venues require a fire exit door that complies with specific safety standards. A working compliant fire exit door can mean the difference between life and death if it is required for an emergency evacuation.

Our locksmith team are fully trained and qualified to make sure your fire escape locks are fitted and working within the government guidelines. Our mobile service will come to you anywhere in Melbourne CDB or suburbs.



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