When Would You Need An Emergency Locksmith

When Would You Need An Emergency Locksmith - Gold Coast

Having an emergency locksmith you can call on 24 hours a day can be a real saviour if you find yourself stuck in a jam. Let’s look at a few scenarios where emergency locksmith services can prove to be a lifesaver.

Key Broken Off in the Lock

This can happen from time to time, especially if the lock is a bit stiff from a lack of lock servicing, the key is old and worn, or the key is made from cheap metal. In this case even a spare key won’t save the day because you won’t be able to get it into the lock until the broken key has been removed. Trying to get it out yourself is likely to prove fruitless and very frustrating, so it’s best to give the emergency locksmith a call. A professional service has the tools and the know how to remove a broken key quickly and get your door open for you.

Your House Has been broken Into By Intruders

Maybe the intruders destroyed the locks to gain access to your home, or perhaps they smashed their way in through a window and stole your spare set of house keys, planning to return for another raid at a later date. Either way, you’ll need to get those locks replaced, and it might be an idea to add some extra window security as well. Your emergency locksmith can have those locks changed in quick time, and even offer some advice on better domestic security all round.

Lost keys

Whether it be your home or a business premises, if anyone has recently lost their keys, then those locks will have to be replaced for security reasons. There’s no point  in taking chances with domestic security or commercial security. Have those locks replaced, book in for a deadlock fitting service with your mobile locksmith, and maybe even consider installing electronic security.

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