Protect You Home With These Security Tips

Protect You Home With These Security Tips - Gold Coast

Crime rates across Australia have been on the increase in recent years, according to the latest statistics. Now, more than ever before, all of us should be placing an even greater focus on increased domestic security. Let’s look at a few ideas to achieve that.


A high fence may not be an impenetrable barrier to anyone determined to gain access to your yard, but at least it makes the task more difficult. Plus, it adds privacy, and potential thieves strolling casually along your street, scoping for houses that appear vulnerable, will likely overlook your property if they can’t even see your house from the road.

Sensor Lights

These are another great deterrent. Most intruders are like cockroaches and prefer to travel under the cover of darkness. If sensor lights suddenly bathe the yard in bright light, more than likely the intruder will scurry back into the hole from which they crawled out of.

CCTV Cameras

These can prove to be a deterrent if the undesirable spots them. If not, at least CCTV cameras provide vital evidence and information in the event of a home invasion or break and enter. Systems can also be set up where you can monitor your house via the internet while you are away from home.

Electronic Security

Electronic security encompasses a number of awesome options, including:

  • Alarms
  • CCTV
  • Electronic door openers
  • Magnetic locks
  • Swipe card locking systems

We’ve already covered the CCTV cameras, and it’s definitely worth considering installing an alarm system in your home at the very least. Electronic security is one of the most effective ways of keeping your home safe and ensuring a high degree of domestic security.

Get To Know Your Neighbours

The big advantage of having good neighbours that you get along with, is you can all keep an eye on the neighbourhood, reporting any suspicious activity to the police or security company. Neighbourhood Watch organisations have a very successful track record of reporting and repelling crime across Australia.

Call On Your Locksmith For Better Domestic Security

At Express Locksmiths in Melbourne, not only can we fix, repair and replace locks, we can also advise you on security measures that will make your home environment safe. Adding or increasing your electronic security measures is really a must in the modern world, as well as taking advantage of our deadlocks fitting service.

Don’t tempt thieves. Apply the advice offered in this post and have peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are safe.