Top Reasons To Replace Your Door Locks

Top Reasons To Replace Your Door Locks - Gold Coast

There are many reasons why you might require locksmith services to have the door locks on your house changed. Let’s look at some of the more common reasons why it might be a wise idea.

Old Or Worn Out Locks

Older homes that haven’t had their door locks replaced will likely have really old and out of date locks and fittings. Not only that, these locks have been used so many times that they will be worn out. The key might be sloppy in the barrel, and some of these really old locks are very easy for thieves to hack.

Flatmates Have Moved Out

Whether your ex flatmate left with the key or not, if there is anything about them that you don’t trust, it could be wise to replace the door lock on the front door, or whichever door you gave them a key to access. It’s better to take your domestic security seriously than find out your trust was misguided.

Someone Lost the Keys to the House

If anyone who lives in the house recently lost their keys, then a new set of security door locks are on the agenda. The person who finds the keys may have no idea what home they belong to, but you just never know. Besides, someone could have stolen the keys rather than them being lost.

You’ve Suffered a Break In

This is the prime time to have those locks replaced. If the locks have been jimmied or broken, you will have to anyway. Calling in the services of a mobile locksmith is the best way to ensure the safety and security of your home and family. Even if the locks weren’t touched, did the thieves steal the house keys so they can return at a later date?

Relationship Break Up

Did you just recently break up with your partner? Have they moved out and taken the house keys with them? Was the break up messy and stressful?

Domestic security is paramount in cases like this, as you just never know what a scorned ex partner might do whilst in an emotional state. Best to get those locks changed.

You Just Moved Into a New Place

Whether it’s a rental or a buy, you have no idea whether the previous occupants still have a set of keys to the home. This goes for the window locks and garage remotes as well. Change the codes on the garage remotes and have a locksmith come around to replace the door and windows locks.

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